Outback Beer Can Chicken Holder


Outback Beer Can Chicken Holder

Cook the perfect chicken on your BBQ with this genuine Outback BBQ Beer Chicken Holder which allows you to use the "beer can" style of cooking a whole chicken, standing up, over an opened can of beer, ensuring a moist and even cooked bird.



    Thanks to this superb holder, you can very easily keep a chicken upright, over an open can of beer without the risk of the chicken toppling over.  Beer can style means the chicken is cooked from the inside as the beer heats up, yet remains moist due to the steam from the beer can.  It gives the chicken a lovely beer taste without the meat being dry.



    1. Perfect for chicken, turkey or other poultry
    2. Keeps the meat upright over the can
    3. Allows for a moist yet well cooked meal
    4. Will work on gas or charcoal BBQs
  • Diameter(mm): 172
    Height (mm): 158
    Weight: 2kg 

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