Whistler Grills are a recent addition to the UK barbecue market but boy have they arrived with a bang.  They offer a brilliant range of gas cart bbqs which are a premium product and yet at a much more affordable price than similar grills available today.

From the value for money Broadway grill which offers features usually found on range topping brands to the flagship Bibury 3, 4 and 5 burner models which provide build quality and features not really seen on the UK shores before.

Many of the models are constructed from 304 grade stainless steel, which will ensure these barbecues do not rust and they include electric lights on the dials and cooking lights under the lids.  With infrared rotisserie burners and inclusive rotisserie kits, heavy duty stainless steel cooking grates and super powerful infrared sizzle side burners, you can be sure that the enthusiastic chef can cook up a storm for friends and family in no time.

With Whistler grills on display in our Manchester BBQ Store and a wealth of knowledge of the product, then get in touch any time to discuss your needs.  Free delivery is available on all of the Whistler Gas Grills range and even better still, the range topping models arrive fully built so you don't need to do anything but connect a gas bottle to it.

Whistler Grills.  Built to last long after the competition has left the party!