The Kamado Joe range of ceramic grills not only offer a size to suit all budgets and cooking sizes but brings a lifestyle to your home which is something both unique and tangible.  There is no better cooking experience than cooking food with fire, and the brilliant range of grills we have available from the small Joe Junior, which you can take with you on holiday and to the beach, right up to the Pro Joe which is big enough for commercial cooking environments, there is a grill here for every type of chef.

With a big choice of accessories to match too, such as different cooking surfaces, rotisserie kits and pizza oven converters, plus the amazing lifetime warranty provided by Kamado Joe, what you are buying here is something which will stay in the family and be enjoyed for years to come.

We have the Kamado Joe models on display in our Manchester BBQ Showroom.  So if you would like to see them in the flesh then call in for some friendly advice.  We are here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have.