Napoleon PRO605 Ultimate Charcoal Barbecue


Napoleon PRO605 Ultimate Charcoal Barbecue


If you love your charcoal cooking and are looking for the Ultimate Charcoal Barbecue then you will be hard pressed to find anything better than the brilliant Napoleon PRO605 Charcoal grill.  This is a premium family sized barbecue which is big enough to cook for large gatherings of friends and family and finished in full stainless steel.  With the appearance of what you would expect from a high end gas grill, the large charcoal cooking area with full height adjustable charcoal tray and unique rear charcoal rotisserie tray will make a lasting impression at any event you have at home and will enhance any outdoor space leaving your guests envious at just how impressive a piece of kit this it. 

This Professional Charcoal BBQ which we have For Sale here is backed by a 15 year warranty, will last for years and cope with anything you throw at it.  With thick cast iron WAVE cooking grill provides a large cooking area to grill any meat, fish or vegetables quickly and accurately for around 20 people. Finished in stainless steel with large cabinet storage manufactured by one of the top BBQ brands in the UK and with a FREE Cover, this has to be the Ultimate Charcoal barbecue and a must have for any enthusiast.  






    Finished in stainless steel, the bodywork has double doors for storage underneath.  The thick cast iron reversible WAVE cooking surface will allow you to cook those thick restaurant sear marks in your food and the unique rear charcoal rotisserie tray allow you to add the optional Napoleon Rotisserie Kit and cook succulent large meat joints evenly and slowly, ideal for poultry, and once you've used it you'll never have your Sunday Roast any other way!.  The Accu-probe temperature gauge mounted in pride of place in the centre of the lid allows for lid-down cooking meaning you can keep an accurate temperature on your food especially when roasting large pieces of meat.  The easy opening roll top lid allows you to place this barbecue against a wall as it needs less space when opening the lid.  In our opinion Napoleon is the best BBQ brand you can buy so why not have the best charcoal BBQ in your garden?  This is without doubt a professional and premium charcoal BBQ with enough features to keep even the keenest of BBQ'ers happy and make a statement in any outdoor space..   


    1. 605 sq inch main cooking area
    2. Porcelainized Cast Iron WAVE shape grill
    3. Rear Charcoal Rotisserie Tray/Burner
    4. FREE Heavy Duty BBQ Cover
    5. Accu-Probe built in Temperature Gauge
    6. Stainless Steel Side Shelves
    7. Storage cabinet with double doors
    8. Roll Top Lid
    9. Air Vents
    10. Adjustable Charcoal Tray
    11. Front Loading Charcoal Door
    12. Locking wheels
    13. President's Warranty lasting 15 years
  •  Item Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
    Max Size (lid & shelves open) 1510 1710 630
    Min Size (lid & shelves closed) 1210 1710 630

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