Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Built In Outdoor Kitchen Natural Gas Barbecue


Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Built In Outdoor Kitchen Natural Gas Barbecue


Here is one of the best grill heads you can buy for your outdoor kitchen barbecue area and allows you to use a natural gas feed to avoid ever running out of fuel. The Prestige 500 Pro, built on this principles of the brilliant free standing model is a great choice. With the Professional feature upgrades found in the PRO Range such as 9.5mm thick stainless steel WAVE grills, interior cooking lights for BBQ cooking long into the evening.  The control dials are LED so light up blue for night use and turn red when the burner is in use.  With 4 main stainless steel natural gas burners, stainless steel WAVE cooking grills, a rear Infrared rotisserie burner plus roll top lid this BBQ will look great in your built in kitchen worktop and with an amazing lifetime warranty it is the perfect fit for your chosen design.  




    Finished in top grade stainless steel the Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Built In Outdoor Kitchen Natural Gas Barbecue has 4 powerful stainless steel main burners which run from your mains gas supply with stainless steel sear plates all underneath the 9.5mm stainless steel WAVE cooking grills.  Lid down cooking is a breeze and cooking food in-directly is much easier with the additional burner compared with a 3 burner model and the Acu-probe temperature gauge makes it easy and accurate to roast food.  There is an infrared rear burner, which when used with the optional rotisserie set means you can cook succulent large meat joints evenly and slowly, ideal for poultry, and once you've used it you'll never have your Sunday Roast any other way!.   The roll top lid makes opening and closing the lid easy and the hinge does not need as much room to open therefore there is more room behind the lid on your worktop.  You can also easily add one of Napoleon's Charcoal trays to this BBQ, therefore easily and quickly convert a section of your BBQ into a charcoal model yet light the coals with the gas to avoid all the mess and time involved.  This built in barbecue head unit has integrated cooking lights under the lid and blue LED control lights which turn red when in use.  We believe Napoleon are the best BBQ's you can buy and you will be hard pushed to find a better quality BBQ and with a lifetime warranty you know this is going to last.   **Any images showing this unit in an island with cupboards etc are for illustration purposes only.  This is just a grill head to go into your chosen worktop design**


    1. Powerful 4 stainless steel natural gas burners 
    2. Rear Infra Red Burner
    3. Total power output of over 48,000 BTUs
    4. 759 sq inch main cooking area
    5. 9.5mm Stainless Steel WAVE shape grill
    6. Accu-Probe built in Temperature Gauge
    7. Integrated Lights
    8. i-Glow Backlight Technology Controls
    9. President's Warranty lasting 15 years
    10. **Do not use a hose to connect to the unit. It must be connected with rigid pipe, copper tube or an approved flexible metal connector**
  •  Item Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
    Max Size 1440 1690 670

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