Napoleon Multi Beer Can Chicken Roast & Rib Rack


Napoleon Multi Beer Can Chicken Roast & Rib Rack

The Napoleon Multi Beer Can Chicken Roast and Rib Rack is such a versatile accessory for your barbecue as the simple rack can be used for 3 different cooking styles.  Firstly, as a roasting rack, you can sit a joint of meat into it and place on your gas or charcoal BBQ and cook a succulent roast meat joint.  In the same position, the rack is also ideal for sliding in thick juicy ribs which can then be grilled neatly on your barbecue.  Before finally, inverting the rack allows you to cook any poultry over a can of liquid, such as beer or sauce, therefore cooking perfect succulent beer can chicken. We are a BBQ Specialist based in Manchester and an Official Napoleon BBQ Dealer selling genuine accessories so buy with confidence.




    This stainless steel rack will cook ribs, roasting joints of meat and beer can chicken and is the prefect accessory for anyone who enjoys cooking barbecue food. 

    1. Made from Stainless Steel for durability
    2. 3-in-1 Cooking methods from one accessory
    3. Great value for money
  • Package Dimensions
    Length(mm): 360
    Height (mm): 230
    Weight: 2kg

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