Napoleon Heavy Duty PRO BBQ Rotisserie Kit


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Napoleon Heavy Duty PRO BBQ Rotisserie Kit

Once you've cooked a chicken on your BBQ rotisserie you will never have your Sunday Roast any other way!  The brilliant Napoleon Heavy Duty PRO BBQ Rotisserie Kit is a mains powered rotisserie which will fit any of the LE Series, LEX Series 485 and Prestige and Prestige Pro 500 models.  The heavy duty motor is powerful enough to turn large poultry or chunks of meat without any problems.  Buy with confidence that this is a genuine Napoleon Barbecue Rotisserie kit from an Official Napoleon BBQ Dealer.




    A mains powered heavy duty BBQ Rotisserie kit which allows you to cook succulent roast meat joints and poultry on your Gas BBQ.  The rotisserie kit is suitable for any premium 3 or 4 burner Gas BBQ and comes complete with all fittings. 

    1. Heavy Duty motor designed for turning large pieces of meat or poultry
    2. Stainless steel for long lasting durability
    3. Comes complete with all fittings
  • Package Dimensions
    Length(mm): 325
    Height (mm): 50
    Weight: 5kg

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