Napoleon Cast Iron Reversible BBQ Griddle


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Napoleon Cast Iron Reversible BBQ Griddle

Get more from your barbecue thanks to the Napoleon Cast Iron Reversible BBQ Griddle.  Stick this thick, durable cast iron plate on top of your grill bars and use the smooth surface to cook delicate food such as eggs, pancakes and vegetables.  Flip the griddle over to the wave cooking side and cook and sear meat on high heat on a cast iron surface giving you some great grilling marks on your food.  A great addition to anyone's BBQ, be it gas or charcoal.  Breakfasts will never taste the same again!!!.  This is a heavy duty cast iron accessory for your barbecue from an  Official Napoleon Barbecue Dealer so buy with confidence that you are getting the quality accessories you demand.




    Heavy duty dual surface cast iron griddle for any gas or charcoal barbecue allows you to cook delicate foods with ease.  The brilliant Napoleon Cast Iron Reversible BBQ Griddle is guaranteed to fit on any LE, LEX Series or any Prestige or Prestige Pro Gas BBQ.

    1. Made from heavy duty cast iron
    2. Smooth side and ribbed side
    3. Can be used on any Gas or Charcoal Barbecue
    4. Guaranteed to fit on any LE, LEX, Prestige & Prestige PRO models of Napoleon Gas Barbecues
  • Package Dimensions
    Height (mm): 
    Weight: 5kg

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