Napoleon BBQ Smoker Tube


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Napoleon BBQ Smoker Tube

Get that unique smokey flavour that only a BBQ can bring with this brilliant Napoleon Smoker Tube.  Fill the tube with your favourite flavour of smoking chips and sit the tube in-between the flame tamers or sear plates of your gas BBQ.  The tube will heat up and the smoke will evaporate out through the vents and infuse your food with a great taste.  Buy with confidence from an Official Napoleon BBQ Dealer.




    The Napoleon BBQ Smoker Tube will work with any Gas BBQ where there is room to rest the tube in-between the burners.  Made from stainless steel for long lasting durability. 

    1. Stainless Steel Tube for long lasting use
    2. Should work with any Gas BBQ
  • Package Dimensions
    Length(mm): 325
    Height (mm): 50
    Weight: 2.1kg

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