Kamado Outdoor Table


Kamado Outdoor Table  

The Kamado is an outdoor lifestyle and what better way to enhance your experience than by housing your Kamado Ceramic Grill in a beautiful and practical outdoor table.  Handmade here in the UK, the Kamado Outdoor Table will house any Kamado Joe Classic Series of ceramic grill, as well as Kamados from Masterbuilt, Big Green Egg, Wild Goose and many other grill brands up to 21" in external diameter.  With loads of worktop prep space, shelves for tools and accessories, and delivered to your door fully built and ready to go, this is sure to enhance any outdoor space.


  • The Kamado Outdoor Table offers a practical and stylish outdoor cooking space to match all of your Kamado needs.  With shelves for accessory storage, chunky worktop with lots of preparation space and arriving fully built and ready to use, this is the best way to upgrade your Kamado outdoor cooking game.  Compatible with any of the classic series of ceramic grills from Kamado Joe as well as models from Masterbuilt and the Big Green Egg.  The table comes complete with adjustable feet to ensure a level surface on your patio or garden.


    1. Thick heavy duty handmade wooden table made in the UK
    2. Spacious storage shelves for all your kamado accessories.
    3. Arrives fully built
    4. Includes pack of adjustable feet
    5. Compatible with the leading brands of ceramic kamado grills up to 21" external diameter
  • Lead Time: 10 to 21 Days
    Delivery Type: Tracked Pallet Delivery
    Express Delivery Available: No

  • Width (mm): 1400
    Height (mm): 900
    Depth (mm): 750
    Weight: 45kg

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