Kamado Joe Grill Expander for Big Joe Series

Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe Grill Expander for Big Joe Series  

If you need even more cooking area in your Big Joe, then the Grill Expander will do exactly that.  It  allows you to create extra cooking space inside your Kamado Joe by adding an additional deck.  The frame's feet rest on the cooking surface below allowing you to put another couple of racks of ribs in your grill or is the perfect area to let some food rest after being over the heat.



  • This is a genuine part guaranteed to fit your Kamado Joe Classic Big Joe grill.  The grill expander sits on the cooking surface below and adds an additional level of cooking area into your kamado.  It is easy to remove and store.  Buy with confidence from an official Kamado Joe dealer.


    1. Stainless Steel extra cooking surface guaranteed to fit any Big Joe series grill
  • Lead Time: 3 to 5 Days
    Delivery Type: Tracked Boxed Delivery
    Express Delivery Available: Yes

  • Width (mm): 
    Height (mm): 
    Depth (mm): 
    Weight: 8kg

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