PRODUCTS . Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235
Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235
Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235
Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235
Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235
Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235
Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235
Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235
Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235
Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235
Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235
Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235
Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235
Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235

Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack. Only £3235

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  • The Kamado Joe Classic III Ceramic Grill offers a cooking space large enough to cater for any size gathering of friends or family and is just as comfortable cooking for two.  The cart model comes with the a three tier flexible divide and conquer cooking system which includes 304 stainless steel cooking grates and two half moon shaped ceramic plates allowing you to create different heat zones.  Thanks to the SloRoller attachment also included, you can create even more smokey flavoured food as the smoke is encouraged to stay inside the chamber for much longer before venting out.  An updated cart design is easier to move when the ground is uneven and includes storage trays at the bottom to store your cooking surfaces when not in use and also has a holder for the iKamand accessory if you ever wanted to use it.  With the multi-panel fire box, this allows the ceramic to expand and contract under different heats and therefore eliminates cracking which can be found on the cheaper kamados grills on the market.  The unique Air Lift hinge makes opening and closing the lid effortless and can be done with one finger.  The lid can be opened and held in a position without crashing back down giving you so much more ease of access.  The Kontrol Tower top vent allows you to accurately set your cooking temperature and there is no issue to use your kamado when it is raining as the top vent has its own cover.  The folding side shelves have been upgraded to heat proof aluminium and the Classic II also includes a thick stainless steel ash basket with a divider making it much easier to not only load charcoal into your Kamado Joe but to remove leftover charcoal after use.  The hard wearing steel mesh gasket as well as the famous Kamado Joe Lifetime Warranty ensures you are never going to need to buy another barbecue again.


    1. Our Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack includes:
    2. Kamado Joe Classic III Grill
    3. A bag of Big Block charcoal
    4. A box of firelighters
    5. Genuine Weatherproof cover
    6. Cast iron griddle
    7. Grate
    8. Pizza Stone
    9. Soapstone
    10. Fish & Veg Grate
    11. JoeTisserie
    12. Basket Set
    13. DoJoe
    14. Pizza Peel
    15. Ash Raking Tool
    16. Grate Gripper Tool
    17. Thick heavy duty ceramic walled outdoor oven which retains heat for hours
    18. Includes three tier Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System for different heat zones
    19. Sloroller Hyberbolic Smoke Chamber
    20. Air Lift Hinge allows you to easily open and close the lid
    21. 304 Grade Stainless Steel Twin Cooking Grates
    22. Stainless Steel Ash Basket
    23. Easy Ash Removal Tray makes cleaning the Kamado a breeze
    24. Stainless Steel Lockable Latch to lock in the heat and smoke
    25. Multi Panel Ceramic Firebox
    26. Heat Treated Aluminium Folding Side Shelves
    27. Heavy Duty New Design Steel Cart with locking castor wheels and accessory storage shelf
    28. Kontrol Tower Unique Top Vent for easy temperature control
    29. Lifetime Kamado Joe Warranty - Buy with absolute confidence
    30. Stainless Steel Mesh Gasket for up to 5 times longer use than a traditional felt gasket

    31. Large Built In Temperature Gauge
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    Width (mm): 1181
    Height (mm): 1219
    Depth (mm): 711
    Weight: 128kg

  • Kamado Joe Classic III Voyager Pack

    This is the "Ultimate pack". If you want all the bells and whistles with your new Kamado, then this is it...

    With FREE Kamado Joe T-Shirt

    This is the ULTIMATE Kamado Joe Pack. You get everything you could possibly ever want for your Kamado Joe delivered all at the same time with the Voyager Pack and you will be ready to cook anything that takes your fancy. 

    Kamado Joe have put together a great pack of accessories to go with your Classic III grill along with fuel and a cover. The Voyager Pack includes 5 different cooking surfaces, a JoeTisserie and Basket Kit and DoJoe and Pizza Peel to suit all your cooking requirements There is absolutely nothing you won't be able to cook with this pack.

    The Kamado Joe Classic III Ceramic Grill is deeper than the Classic 2, and now comes with a SloRoller attachment, which creates much more smoke inside the chamber, which lasts longer, before it vents out through the exhaust.  The deeper body of the Classic 3 means there is room for more food and therefore it includes a 3 tier flexible cooking divide and conquer system.  


    ***Why not book on to one of our Kamado cooking classes, to get the most from your new Kamado? Unique to GardenBox. See website for details*** 




    One of the latest innovations, the durable cast-aluminium DōJoe transforms your Kamado Joe into a best-in-class pizza oven. Ideal for beginners and expert chefs alike, the distinctive wedge shape of the DōJoe makes maintaining steady temperatures ranging from 204°C to 371°C effortless—even over the course of hours—while also allowing grillers to easily see and monitor their pizza or other baked goods as they cook. Dedicated supports for the Kamado Joe Heat Deflectors and Kamado Joe Pizza Stone ensure optimum distances between, guaranteeing perfect crust and crisp toppings.


    The durable cast aluminum JoeTisserie transforms the Kamado Joe® into a new kind of spit, harnessing the self-basting action of a rotisserie inside the signature Kamado Joe® high-fire ceramic body for meats that are smoky, juicy and tender. With a quiet-but-powerful motor that can spin up to 23 kilograms of chicken, prime rib or Boston butt, the innovative JoeTisserie features a distinctive wedge shape so cooks can seal off the kamado dome for optimal heat retention. The durable spit rod is easy to install and features quickly adjustable forks for excellent balance, and the constant, steady rotation preserves the meat's natural juices for an even cook.


    Maintain automatic temperature control of your kamado ceramic grill with the iKamand smart grill feature and the Kamado Joe app. Simply attach the smart device to the bottom vent of your charcoal ceramic grill, and total control over heat, smoke, and target temperature is in your hands. 

    JoeTisserie Technology