Kamado Joe Big Joe III Ceramic Grill

Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe Big Joe III Ceramic Grill  

The big fella just got better!!!  The Kamado Joe Big Joe III Ceramic Grill is an upgrade to the original Big Joe and now offers even more flavour.  Using the inclusive SloRoller, this hyperbolic chamber encourages even more smoke to circulate inside the chamber for longer before it vents out of the Kontrol Tower.  A much deeper chamber also provides room for even more food and this is matched by a three tier divide and conquer cooking system.  The mammoth cooking area to this grill means that catering for friends or family is easy and despite is hefty size, the lid opens effortlessly thanks to the impressive Air Hinge system.  There is no doubt this large kamado will genuinely add an extra feature to your home and will become the focal point of your outdoor space.  


  • The Kamado Joe Big Joe III Ceramic Grill offers an upgrade to the original Big Joe and includes the SloRoller which allows more smoke to develop in your food.  The chamber is much deeper, therefore more room for additional cooking levels and the divide and conquer now has three levels to it.  The Big Joe III sits inside a new designed cart which makes this 220kg grill easy to move thanks to the wheels with castors.  There's storage room for your cooking accessories in the base of the cart as well as attachments for the IKammand if you wanted to fit this.  The side shelves are heat proof aluminium too and all of the other features such as the Kontrol Tower top vent, Air Lift Hinge and multi panel firebox found in the original Big Joe are here too. Cleaning the Big Joe III is even easier thanks to the inclusive ash basket meaning it is both easy to load your charcoal and decide where exactly you want the heat source to be but also cleaning too, simply shake and llift out the basket.  The famous Kamado Joe Lifetime Warranty ensures that if you are serious about your cooking, you can be sure you'll be able to enjoy this grill for years to come.


    1. Thick heavy duty ceramic walled outdoor oven which retains heat for hours
    2. Includes three level Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System for different heat zones
    3. SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber for even more smoke flavour
    4. Air Lift Hinge allows you to easily open and close the lid
    5. 304 Grade Stainless Steel Triple Cooking Grates
    6. Easy Ash Removal Tray makes cleaning the Kamado a breeze
    7. Stainless Steel Lockable Latch to lock in the heat and smoke
    8. Multi Panel Ceramic Firebox
    9. Aluminium Folding Side Shelves
    10. New design Heavy Duty Steel Cart with locking castor wheels for easy movement
    11. Kontrol Tower Unique Top Vent for easy temperature control
    12. Lifetime Kamado Joe Warranty - Buy with absolute confidence
    13. Stainless Steel Mesh Gasket for up to 5 times longer use than a traditional felt gasket
    14. Stainless Steel Ash Basket
    15. FREE Ash Raking Tool
    16. FREE Grate Gripper Tool
    17. Large Built In Temperature Gauge
  • Lead Time: 3 to 5 Days
    Delivery Type: Tracked Pallet Delivery
    Express Delivery Available: No

  • Width (mm): 1270
    Height (mm): 1370
    Depth (mm): 790
    Weight: 220kg

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