Galaxy Outdoor Gazebo End Screen for 3.5m by 5.4m


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Galaxy Outdoor Gazebo End Screen for 3.5m by 5.4m  

Add extra privacy to your Galaxy Outdoor Gazebo with the manual pull down end screen for the 3.5m by 5.4m model.  The toughened aluminium cassette houses a textiline breathable fabric pull down blind which glides in the frame of the Galaxy for easy operation.  Fresh air passes through the holes in the fabric and the screen acts as a projector screen at night making it ideal for family movies.  The blinds are a perfect way of screening off the sunshine or giving extra privacy for your hot tub area.


  • This is a genuine part guaranteed to fit your Galaxy Outdoor Gazebo and fits the 3.5m length section.


    1. Manual pull down and retraction into the powder coated aluminium cassette
    2. Textiline material
    3. 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Lead Time: 7 to 10 Days
    Delivery Type: Tracked Boxed Delivery
    Express Delivery Available: No

  • Width (mm): 
    Height (mm): 
    Depth (mm): 
    Weight: 10kg

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