Bull Steer 3 Burner Built In BBQ Natural Gas Stainless Steel Grill Head

Bull BBQ

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Bull Steer 3 Burner Built In BBQ Natural Gas Stainless Steel Grill Head


The Bull Steer 3 Burner Built In Natural Gas BBQ Stainless Steel Grill Head is the entry level barbecue head unit from top brand Bull BBQ and offers a commercial standard gas barbecue ideal for your built in barbecue or outdoor kitchen project at home.  This natural gas model allows you to connect up to your main gas supply, a job which always should be completed by a certified gas installer, and removes the need for changing gas bottles and gives you the comfort and reassurance that you are never going to run out of fuel.  Whether you are building your own built in bbq, selecting a head unit to go into a Bull Outdoor Kitchen or choosing one of our bespoke built in barbecue kitchens, this 3 burner all 304 stainless steel head unit is a great place to start.  With 3 power stainless steel tube burners underneath the super thick stainless steel cooking grates and providing a large 1157 sq inch of cooking surface all covered by a dual lined stainless steel lid, you have all the ingredients you need to grill your food for your friends or family to perfection.  And, with any Bull BBQ, you are covered by their lifetime warranty so you can have the piece of mind that the built in barbecue head unit you have chosen is going to last and provide years of enjoyment.





    Finished in top grade 304 stainless steel the Bull Steer Built In BBQ Grill Head has 3 powerful stainless steel main burners with heavy duty 304 stainless steel flame tamers sat over the burners which are all underneath the commercial grade 304 stainless steel cooking grills.  A dual lined 304 stainless steel lid with built in thermometer makes lid down cooking and cooking food in-directly a breeze and ideal when roasting meats.  You can connect this model to your main gas feed and therefore eliminating the need to use LPG gas bottles to power your bbq and run the risk of running out of fuel when entertaining friends or family.  We recommend any Natural Gas Barbecues are installed by a certified gas installer.  With a lifetime warranty, you are buying a commercial grade barbecue which is designed to last and provide years of use and will fit perfectly into any outdoor kitchen or built in barbecue setup.


    1. Powerful 3 stainless steel gas burners 
    2. Natural Gas ONLY Connection
    3. Full 304 Best Grade Stainless Steel Construction throughout
    4. Lifetime Warranty
    5. Total power output of over 44,000 BTUs
    6. 1157 sq inch main cooking area
    7. Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel grill bars
    8. Built in Temperature Gauge
    9. Dual Lined 304 Stainless Steel lid
    10. Zinc knobs
  •  Item Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
    Max Size 788 674 614

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