Barbecook Optima Charcoal BBQ Cooking Size for 6 People - FREE Bag of Charcoal


With enough power to barbecue without the need for a lid, such as the Kettle style models on the market, easily adjustable grill height to 4 different positions. and best of all, an easy to light mechanism making the grill ready to cook on in just 15 minutes!  The days of struggling to light your grill using endless firelighters and newspaper are long gone.

The stylish, fuel efficient, easy lighting, robust and affordable outdoor barbecue grill big enough to cook for up to 6 people is right here in the form of the superb Optima Charcoal BBQ from Barbecook.

Finished in a lovely enamel bodywork complimented with stainless steel heat resistant components, your grill is sure to look great for years to come.

Included with your grill is a 5kg bag of lumpwood to get you started.  All you need now is the meat, veggies, beers and hungry appetites!


 Item Details Size
Lighting System Quickstart
Ashtray Included
Cooking Grid 4 Positions
Warming Rack Included
Cooking Bowl 43cm
Height 96cm


Delivery Information
Lead Time 3 to 5 Days
Delivery Type Tracked
Express Delivery Available Yes

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