Wooden Greenhouses For Sale

We are proud to offer British made Wooden Greenhouse by Swallow Greenhouses, manufactured directly here in the UK and ALL models come with FREE INSTALLATION.

If you want to make a statement in your garden or allotment then nothing catches the eye more than a traditional timber framed greenhouse.  They have come a long way over the years from the high maintenance creaking and leaking models associated with these wooden structures.

Now thanks to the ThermoWood Timber frames on these models, the wood has been extensively treated to high temperatures of 215 °C which removes excess moisture and resin from the wood making it much less susceptible to movement, warping and rot and yet takes nothing away from the beautiful finish that only wood can provide.

Below are some of the benefits this technique provides:

All of these superb wooden greenhouses are installed for FREE at your location by expert fitters who work hand in hand with the skilled joiners who manufacturer them therefore the culmination is a product which is built correctly, first time, by people who know everything there is to know about these buildings and how they should be constructed with the outcome being exactly what you paid for, a long lasting and beautiful greenhouse.

There is a wide choice of free standing and lean-to greenhouses in the most common sizes used by customers in the UK so there is sure to be a size and model which suits both your requirements and budget.

If you are unsure or we can help you in any way, simply give us a call on 0203 598 2053 or drop us an email at orders@gardenbox.co.uk and we will be happy to help you.