Greenhouse & Shed Combi

Greenhouse & Shed Combi

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The Swallow Greenhouse and Shed Combi surely has to be one of the best garden buildings you can buy for your outdoor space.  It offers the best of both worlds, a superb timber greenhouse with the benefits and storage space of a timber shed connected to the end of your greenhouse in one, stylish footprint.

Both buildings are made from Thermowood, right here in the UK, and best of all, are installed for FREE!!!!

Simply choose the greenhouse width of your choice, be it 6ft wide or 8ft wide, and then decide how big a shed you want to add to your greenhouse.  The sheds are available in the same width as the greenhouse but in lengths of 4ft, 6ft, 8ft or 10ft.

We are proud to offer British made Wooden Greenhouse , and so on

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