How to take your garden from drab to fab this summer

How to take your garden from drab to fab this summer

Sitting in your garden is one of the best things that you can do during the summer months, however unless it looks great it isn’t going to be a very enjoyable experience. You may have your greenhouse glazing clips and your greenhouse frame parts all ready to put together, however there are other things that you should do to help transform your garden too – and this blog will take you through some of these.

Greenhouse frame parts

Find things that flower all season

If you only plant things that are currently in flower, then you will find that your garden looks dull once they are all out of season. Instead, through the whole of the year, you should add things that are currently in bloom – as this means that you will then be able to enjoy colour in your garden the whole year round.

Make it a great place to spend time

If you just have a garden that you can look at, then it is never going to have the full effect. Instead, you need to make sure that both yourself and any visitors that you have are able to sit down and admire the garden in front of them. It is a good idea to get a comfortable furniture set, including a table, as this opens the door to alfresco dining if the weather is on your side. It is always great to be able to invite your friends into your garden when they come round to visit, so that is certainly something to consider.

Keep your lawn happy and healthy

If you never bother to take care of your lawn, it may become dull over time. Rainwater alone isn’t enough, and you need to make sure that you give it specific lawn feed every now and again. If you notice that there is moss growing in your lawn, try raking it out, and then sprinkling grass seed. This should help new, healthy grass to grow where the moss once was. It is also important that you mow your lawn regularly, as this can help it to grow more effectively and remain fresh.

Hire a pressure washer

If you have any patio areas, or stepping stones, you should take the time to give these a good clean at the beginning of the summer. A pressure washer is the ideal thing for this, and you will be shocked when you see the difference between the bits that you’ve done and the bits that are still waiting. You should be able to hire these machines relatively cheaply from your local hardware shop, so this is something to think about if you don’t want the expense of owning your own.

Your garden should be somewhere that you can go to relax, and by taking note of the tips above, you can ensure that it is exactly that. Taking the time to get your garden ready now is a great idea, as this means that it is certain to look wonderful when summer arrives.

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