How to create a great BBQ area in your garden

How to create a great BBQ area in your garden

With summer now here, and hopefully lots more good weather to come, many people’s thoughts are turning towards BBQs, and holding great events during the summer months. If you are thinking about buying a dual fuel bbq then this is a great first step, but it is important that you are able to make it fit in your garden. There is plenty of funky garden furniture available which means that there is a great chance to make a feature of your BBQ area – and this blog will tell you exactly how you can do this.


Consider a brick structure

If you are buying a BBQ, it might be a good idea to build a structure around where it is going to be placed. This gives you somewhere to put your plates and utensils while you aren’t using them, and it can also help to keep animals and children away from the heat. You should find that a builder will be able to create this for you easily, without you having to break the bank for it.


Make sure you have adequate seating

It can be frustrating when you are at a BBQ if you have to look around for chairs and tables so that everyone is able to sit down. For this reason, it is good if your BBQ area has its own seating arrangements, as this means that you can then know well in advance exactly how many people it can cater for. It also looks much better if you have a matching set of chairs and a table, so it will give your BBQ are an added edge.


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Think about heating and lighting

Although it might be nice and warm sitting right next to the BBQ, it might get cooler later on in the evening – even though you will still want to sit outside. With this in mind, it is always worth getting another heating option that you can use if the weather does go a little bit chilly. Patio heaters can be a great investment, as it means that you are able to sit outside and enjoy your garden for much longer than you would otherwise have been able to. This is not only the case in the summer, but also later on in the year where the weather is try but it isn’t comfortable enough to sit outside. A heater could be a great solution to this, and would provide the perfect addition to your BBQ area.


No matter what you choose to add to your BBQ area, you can be sure that you will be able to host some great events once it has been finished. This means that you will be the envy of your friends and family, and they will all want to come round to your house for a BBQ in the near future. It is definitely worth the effort, as you will have a space that you will be able to use regularly all through the summer season and beyond.


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