Wooden Veg Table - Grow at a Comfy Working Height



Sometimes growing produce can be back breaking work especially if you don't have the right tools and equipment to make your life easier.

Step forward the Veg Table to solve the problem of growing some produce quickly and easily.  The produce is protected from pests such as snails and insects and comes supplied with a semi-permeable grow liner to assist with drainage.

A simple but effective design of crossed legs in the frame makes the table incredibly sturdy. 

Available in two sizes, the table is finished in a plain timber allowing you to paint it if you wished to match your environment.

 Model Height Width Depth
Small 800mm (31 1/2") 500mm (19 1/2") 720mm (28 1/2")
Large 800mm (31 1/2") 1000mm (39 1/2") 720mm (28 1/2")


Small Veg Table:

Ideal for growing herbs and plants to cook with, the small veg table is compact enough to be assembled in or out of the greenhouse.

Large Veg Table:

This table is the easiest and most comfortable way to begin growing at home and provides a sizeable growing area yet requires less than 1 square metre of floor space.

Delivery Information
Lead Time 3 to 5 Days
Delivery Type Tracked
Express Delivery Available Yes


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