Three Little Pigs BBQ 'KC Championship' Barbecue Rub


Three Little Pigs BBQ 'KC Championship' Barbecue Rub


Give your barbecue food a flavour boost with the superb KC Championship Barbecue Rub from the professional Three Little Pigs team.  Not available in the supermarkets, this dry rub, which you simply add to any meat or vegetables, will bring a flavour masterclass to any of the food you make at your next BBQ event and have your friends or family looking at you as if you were the next barbecue champion!!!  These superb BBQ Rubs are unique and flavoursome easy to use dry rubs direct from the USA which will give you the chance to easily enhance and make your BBQ food taste great.




    With no effort or skill required, these BBQ rubs can give any food a massive boost of flavour.  This one, the KC Championship is the perfect balance of heat and sweet and is used worldwide by competition BBQ chefs and restaurants so the quality is endorsed by the people that know.
  • Direct from the USA, the home of the BBQ, this rub is made from natural ingredients.  Simply pour or sprinkle a small amount on your food before you place on the grill.  It really could not be simpler than that!
  • Form an orderly queue at the BBQ as something seriously tasty is cooking!!!!



    1. Pack contains Three Little Pigs KC Championship BBQ Rub 6.5oz bottle
    2. Can be used on any Gas or Charcoal BBQ
  • Diameter(mm): 
    Height (mm): 
    Weight: 1kg 

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