Tepro Toronto XXL Charcoal BBQ


One of the best charcoal bbq's you can buy just got bigger!!!

The Toronto XXL is the bigger version of the superb Toronto Charcoal BBQ, a grill which is a huge favourite of ours.  Just like it's smaller brother, this Toronto XXL Charcoal BBQ is right up there with the very best and offers amazing value for money.  Easily control the heat from the charcoals via the 6 position lever which allows you to raise and lower the coals whilst lit without having to remove the cooking grate!  And with a thermometer gauge in the lid, and the super flexible "Grid-in-Grid" system, where you can change the grill insert to suit your cooking needs such as Pizza stone or Wok, you have all the features and control of "lid down" cooking found on more expensive gas bbqs!

It's so easy to add more coals to the BBQ without having to take off the cooking grate, just open the front door and pile them on!!  And with vents to control air flow and the built in temp gauge, you can soon learn how to maintain an accurate, consistent temperature so no more burnt food!!!!

The "Grid-In-Grid" System allows so much flexibility:
    • The Toronto XXL comes with a removable grill inlay which allows you to remove a section of the grill and replace it with additional BBQ tools, sold separately
    • Pizza Stone to cook those lovely crispy pizzas
    • Cast Iron Cooking Grid to get those perfect grill stripes on your food
    • Cast Iron wok for sitr fry's, Asian foods and soups.

Cleaning the Toronto XXL is a breeze:
    • Large opening door to coal tray makes cleaning easy
    • Pull out large ash tray makes removing burnt ash quick and easy
    • Fold away preparation trays helps to avoid making a mess when preparing food
    • Comes with handy tool rack on both sides to help keep the working area of your grill nice and tidy

Who are Tepro? I've never heard of them!

Tepro are new to the UK BBQ market but what they offer is a superb, robust range of BBQ grills and Accessories.  German design and built, made to a supremely high standard, these BBQs are easy to assemble and offer a high quality, practical BBQ which you will get years of use from.



    We love the Tepro Toronto XXL Charcoal BBQ because if offers such good build quality and features for a brilliant price.  Its basically a bigger version of the standard Toronto BBQ so if you have bigger gatherings or larger number of guests to entertain then this is the model for you.

    Once you have built it, this grill is full of handy features made to make your life easier and are usually found on much more expensive alternatives.

    It's really easy to use, being able to add the charcoal without having to take the cooking grates off is a simple yet brilliant idea.  Just open the front door and add more!!!  

    Same too can be said for being able to adjust the height of the coals with the 6 position lever.  If the coal is too hot, just lift the lever into the relevant position below and lower away from the food.  

    The interchangeable grill inserts along with the lid and temperature gauge allows you to do all the indirect and direct heat cooking techniques "lid down" bbq'ing is all about!

    Simple and easy to clean as well, plus includes tool racks on each of the folding side trays and handy bottle opener to keep the chef and guests cool with another cold drink!

    The trolley design makes it easy to move around if required and the grill itself looks a fine piece of kit in anyone's garden.


    1. Mamouth grill surface area of 3289 sq cm making this BBQ handle more food at once
    2. Two Enameled Cooking Grids
    3. Includes removable grill insert (other inserts sold separately)
    4. One Enameled Warming rack
    5. Powder coated lid with stainless steel handle and thermometer
    6. Chimney (ideal to be used as a smoker)
    7. Two Fold-able side sheves with 4 tool hooks on each shelf
    8. Powder coated fire bowl
    9. Powder coated charcoal grid with 6 height adjustable positions from the lever
    10. Powder coated charcoal tray door
    11. Powder coated ash collector with stainless steel handle
    12. Stainless steel trolley handle
    13. Four powder coated legs
    14. Two Plastic wheels with wheel caps
    15. Powder coated trolley with bottom rack
    16. Bottle Opener
  • Width(mm): 1520
    Depth (mm): 730
    Height (mm): 1370
    Cooking Area Dimensions (mm):
    Grill surface approx 715 by 460
    Warming area approx 670 by 240 

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