Tepro San Francisco Kettle Charcoal BBQ

Traditional Kettle Charcoal BBQ Fully Loaded with Features

The Kettle BBQ is synonymous with what the traditional home charcoal BBQ looks like when space is at a premium.  Typically just a straightforward bowl shape, full of coals with a circular grill over the top and a lid that most people would use once they had finished cooking!!!

The Kettle style BBQs have moved on in recent years and offer the home owner with either a small outdoor space or maybe the occasional BBQ use a really well made, robust and multi-functional appliance without the need of having an enormous grill sat on your patio.

The Tepro San Francisco provides a superb, well built Kettle BBQ with the added benefit of being able to use their super flexible "Grid-In-Grid system", where you can change the grill insert to suit your cooking needs such as Pizza stone or Wok, and along with a temperature gauge in the lid, you have all the features and control of "lid down" cooking found on more expensive gas bbqs!

The San Francisco comes with 4 charcoal dividers, making it easy to control where you actually want the heat to be within the BBQ and with vents to control air flow and the built in temp gauge, you can soon learn how to maintain an accurate, consistent temperature so no more burnt food!!!!

The "Grid-In-Grid" System allows so much flexibility:
    • The San Francisco comes with a removable grill inlay which allows you to remove a section of the grill and replace it with additional BBQ tools, sold separately
    • Pizza Stone to cook those lovely crispy pizzas
    • Cast Iron Cooking Grid to get those perfect grill stripes on your food
    • Cast Iron wok for sitr fry's, Asian foods and soups.

Controlling the San Francisco is easy:
    • It comes with 4 charcoal dividers which can either be linked together to create a solid ring which you fill with charcoal, or seperated into 2 or 4 sections where you can place them around the grill and fill with coal allowing you to have hot and cool spots for more controlled food cooking
    • Pull out large dump pan means emptying the ash is quick and easy
    • Vents at the bottom and in the lid control air flow and therefore heat
    • Built-In Thermometer in the lid makes regulating the temperature much easier

Who are Tepro? I've never heard of them!

Tepro are new to the UK BBQ market but what they offer is a superb, robust range of BBQ grills and Accessories.  German design and built, made to a supremely high standard, these BBQs are easy to assemble and offer a high quality, practical BBQ which you will get years of use from.



    The San Francisco provides the traditional Kettle style BBQ but with loads more features which is the main reason why we love it.  Couple that with excellent German build quality, a host of accessories which you can buy for it, all very reasonably priced and you have got a serious piece of kit without spending a fortune.

    The interchangeable grill inserts, the included 4 charcoal dividers along with the lid and temperature gauge allows you to do all the indirect and direct heat cooking techniques "lid down" bbq'ing is all about!

    You can easily add more fuel whilst your food is cooking through the intergrated charcoal door.

    This great looking Kettle BBQ it easy to move around if required and the grill itself looks a fine piece of kit in anyone's garden.


    1. 1 height adjustable chrome plated cooking grid with inlay
    2. Enameled lid with plastic handle
    3. Includes removable grill insert (other inserts sold separately)
    4. Thermometer and air vent in lid
    5. Integrated Part to attach warming rack (rack sold separatly)
    6. Includes lid holder
    7. 4 Charcoal dividers
    8. 2 removeable cooking grid handles
    9. Intergated cleaning and air vent system
    10. Enameled ash pot
    11. 3 Legs (front leg has articulated foot)
    12. Two Plastic wheels with wheel caps
    13. Powder coated bottom rack
    14. Holds up to 2.0kg of charcoal
  • Width(mm): 800
    Depth (mm): 650
    Height (mm): 1100
    Cooking Area Dimensions (mm):
    Grill surface diameter 530 

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