Tepro Indianapolis Heavy Duty Charcoal BBQ Smoker

For the Serious BBQ Enthusiast is a serious smoker big enough to handle anything you can throw at it!

There is something unique about enjoying food cooked slowly over a low heat in a BBQ Smoker.  These cooking styles originate from America, where the meat is not cooked over a direct heat and instead is smoked through a separate chamber giving a cooking temperature of between 85 and 130 degrees C.

The result is food which does not burn, is full of moisture and has a sticky, smoky flavour to it which can be enhanced by using Flavoured Smoking Chips and BBQ Rubs.

This Heavy Weight, Heavy Duty BBQ Smoker is a serious piece of kit aimed at the seasoned BBQ chef or BBQ Smoker enthusiast.  This BBQ Smoker provides not only a an enormous charcoal BBQ grill to cook your food in the traditional style over hot coals, but also comes with a separate multi-functional side smoking chamber which can either be used as a separate grill, or can be filled with wood or coals and smoking chips and gives you the chance to smoke your food in the original American style.

Weighing in at 200kg, the Indianapolis makes a huge statement in anyone's garden and is flexible enough that the BBQ enthusiast will find it suits all their needs and more and will ultimately produce amazing food leaving your guests licking their lips with delight.

It's so easy to add more coals to this smoker when using the side chamber without having to disturb the main cooking area.  And with vents to control air flow and the built in temp gauge, you can soon learn how to maintain an accurate, consistent temperature so no more burnt food!!!!

The Possibilites of Smoking Food is endless:
    • The Indianapolis provides all the equipment you need to get some amazing results.
    • With adjustable charcoal racks, you can control the heat and keep the coals burning for hours
    • Due to the low cooking temperature the food hardly needs turning and will not burn making this really easy to use.
    • Using different fuels and different flavours of wood creates amazing results allowing you lots of opportunities to find the flavours that suit your palate 
    • Can be used as a traditional charcoal BBQ as well and the side smoker provides extra cooking space

Smoked Food is the healthy alternative:
    • Smoking prevents grease or other liquids from dripping onto the coals below which can produce harmful substances
    • Your food is not dry or burnt, retains the moisture and natural juices therefore reducing the need for additional sauces and flavourings on your plate

Who are Tepro? I've never heard of them!

Tepro are new to the UK BBQ market but what they offer is a superb, robust range of BBQ grills and Accessories.  German design and built, made to a supremely high standard, these BBQs are easy to assemble and offer a high quality, practical BBQ which you will get years of use from.



    The Tepro Indianapolis Heavy Duty Smoker offers an enormous charcoal BBQ grill over two chambers, both with temperature gauges for "lid down" cooking and also provides a side smoker to create some amazing smoking style food.

    Weighing 200kg and made from 5mm thick steel, there are two cooking chambers plus a side smoker with 4 positions to ventilate from the lid.  The side chamber lid also acts as a cooking hot plate idea for pots cooking stews and soups.

    The side smoker also has a pot holder (sold separately) to allow a pot to hand over the coals at the side.  You can adjust the height of the coals if used in the main chambers or in the side smoker, plus vent the side smoker with the positional lid meaning the fuel will burn slowly and last hours, ideal when cooking big meat joints.  

    There is a handy foldable preparation shelf at the front of the smoker and its sturdy design makes it a long lasting BBQ which you will get years of use from.

  • The trolley design makes it easy to move around if required and the grill itself looks a fine piece of kit in anyone's garden.


    1. FREE BBQ Tool Kit
    2. Main Chamber:
    3. Four Enameled Cooking Grids
    4. Two separate 5mm thick Steel lids with metal handles and built in thermometers
    5. Height Adjustable charcoal grid
    6. Holds up to 4kg of coal
    7. 4.5mm thick Powder coated fire bowl
    8. Side Chamber:
    9. Two Enameled Cooking grids
    10. Steel lid with metal handle
    11. Holds up to 2kg of coal
    12. Removable ash pot
    13. Air Vents
    14. Chimney
    15. Foldable front shelf
    16. Integrated 4 level height adjustment lid holder for side chamber
    17. Integrated holder for pot holder an offset fire bowl (pot and pot holder not included)
    18. Large steel wheels
    19. Solid bottom rack with frame
    20. Heat resistant finish up to max 600 degrees C
  • Width(mm): 1840
    Depth (mm): 880
    Height (mm): 1530
    Cooking Area Dimensions (mm):
    Grill surface Main Chamber approx 975 by 440
    Grill surface Side Chamber approx 480 by 430 

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