Tepro Buffalo Gas & Charcoal Dual Fuel BBQ

Can't decide between Gas or Charcoal?  No need to compromise, have them both!!!

Buffalo by name...Beast by nature!!!!  There is no other word to describe this stunning Gas and Charcoal Dual Fuel BBQ than that.  It really is a beast of grill and will look awesome in any garden.

Full of cool features, this BBQ gives you the choice of a 3 burner Gas BBQ on the left hand side and a charcoal BBQ on the right.  Both sides have lids and thermometers, so you can have the "lid down" cooking style if you like, both can be used at the same time,the grill areas are really big and best of all, the whole BBQ is so easy to use.!

It's so easy to add more coals to the charcoal side of the BBQ without having to take off the cooking grate, just open the front door and pile them on!!  And with vents to control air flow and the built in temp gauge, you can soon learn how to maintain an accurate, consistent temperature so no more burnt food!!!!

Not confident of how to use charcoal?  Don't be the Buffalo makes it easy:
    • Forget the hassle of trying to master how to light a charcoal BBQ.  The Buffallo makes it easy for you with a gas powered ignition.  Simply pile the Charcoal side of the BBQ with your fuel and then turn on the gas ignition.  This will blaze the coals with a constant flame and get them burning for you without the need for firelighters or lighting gels or fuels
    • If the coals get too hot, simply adjust the height of the coal rack using the lever into one of 6 postions
    • If you are running out of coals, no need to take the grill of food off to top up, simply open the charcoal door and throw in your new fuels.
Cleaning the Buffalo is a breeze:
    • Large opening door to coal tray makes cleaning easy
    • Pull out large ash tray makes removing burnt ash quick and easy
    • Preparation trays helps to avoid making a mess when preparing food
    • Comes with handy tool rack to help keep the working area of your grill nice and tidy

Who are Tepro? I've never heard of them!

Tepro are new to the UK BBQ market but what they offer is a superb, robust range of BBQ grills and Accessories.  German design and built, made to a supremely high standard, these BBQs are easy to assemble and offer a high quality, practical BBQ which you will get years of use from.



    We love the Tepro Buffalo Gas & Charcoal Dual Fuel BBQ because if offers basically two BBQs in one.  You have the convenience of the 3 burner gas bbq on the left hand side and then the traditional cooking with charcoal bbq on the right hand side.

    Yes, it is not cheap, however what you are getting here is a serious piece of BBQ kit which will look amazing in your garden and offers you all the tools to create some amazing food.

    Really well built and designed, any fears of using charcoal and embarrasing yourself in front of your guests is removed by the Buffalo as you can easily light, maintain and control the charcoal bbq just like it was a gas unit. If you have bigger gatherings or larger number of guests to entertain or you want something that makes a statement in your garden, then this is the model for you.

    It's really easy to use, being able to add the charcoal without having to take the cooking grates off is a simple yet brilliant idea.  Just open the front door and add more!!!  

    Same too can be said for being able to adjust the height of the coals with the 6 position lever.  If the coal is too hot, just lift the lever into the relevant position below and lower away from the food.  

    Simple and easy to clean as well, plus includes a tool rack on the side side tray and handy bottle opener to keep the chef and guests cool with another cold drink!

    Fixed on 4 castors makes it easy to move around if required and the grill itself looks a fine piece of kit in anyone's garden.


    1. Mamouth grill surface area of 3948 sq cm making this BBQ handle more food at once
    2. FREE 3 Piece Tool Kit
    3. Three stainless steel burners with approx 9895 BTU each
    4. Gas Ignition burner for the charcoal grill at 13648 BTU
    5. Four Cast Iron cooking grids
    6. Two Enameled Warming rack
    7. 6 Level charcoal bowl
    8. Double walled stainless steel lids with stainless steel handles and thermometer
    9. Storage cabinet for 5kg Gas bottle
    10. Powder coated grill side panels
    11. Chimney on charcoal grill
    12. Two powder coated side shelves with 5 tool hook
    13. Enameled fire bowls
    14. Powder coated charcoal grid with 6 height adjustable positions from the lever
    15. Powder coated charcoal tray door
    16. Powder coated ash collector with stainless steel handle
    17. Stainless steel trolley handle
    18. Four swivel castors with 2 lock brakes
    19. Electric ignition (1.5 v AA battery - not included)
    20. Includes gas hose and regulator
    21. Bottle Opener
  • Width(mm): 1760
    Depth (mm): 660
    Height (mm): 1360
    Cooking Area Dimensions (mm):
    Grill surface approx 457 by 432 x 2
    Warming area approx 420 by 140 x 2 

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