Tepro BBQ Thermometer 4 Piece Set


Tepro BBQ Thermometer 4 Piece Set

Get the most from your BBQ cooking experience and entertain friends and family with more than your average sausage and burgers by cooking meat joints and meat roasts on your new barbecue, whether it be gas or charcoal.  These handy Tepro BBQ Thermometer 4 Piece Set allow you to keep an eye on the meat whilst cooking and know when to remove it from the heat so it stays succulent and tender.  You'll never over cook and dry out any food again and you'll cook your Sunday Roast on the Barbecue in the future!!!




    A great handy accessory for any charcoal of gas barbecue.  These 4 thermometers cn be inserted in various cuts of meat you are cooking and easily indicate when the food is Rare, Medium or Well Done.



    1. Genuine Tepro BBQ Accessory from an Official Tepro Dealer
    2. 4 Thermometers in the pack
    3. Easily gauge between Rare, Medium and Well Done
  • Package Dimensions
    Length (mm): 120
    Width(mm): 90
    Weight: 1kg

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