Soundscene 3 Solo Wireless Outdoor Speaker

Maze Rattan

Soundscene 3 Solo Wireless Outdoor Speaker


Set the scene or get the party started in your garden with this superb Soundscene 3 Solo Wireless Outdoor Speaker.  Whether you are entertaining friends with a BBQ or garden party or simply relaxing and putting your feet up listening to your favoruite chill out tracks, this outdoor speaker is your perfect companion.  With powerful bluetooth connection, you can easily tune your smartphone, tablet or device to this speaker to play the music of your choice.  And with an AUX interface too, you can plug a music device in as well.  But, best of all, you can pair this speaker up to a maximum of 8 Soundscene speakers which can either all play simultaneously or indvidually and you can locate them around the house and the garden.  As they are weatherproof speakers, you can use them outdoors in the garden without fear that a spillage or rain or going to damage them.  They are also just as comfortable indoors.



    The Soundscene Solo 3 Wireless Outdoor Speaker lets you create the perfect mood in your home or garden.  Use any smartphone or tablet device, control each individual speaker and play different music off each speaker or pair them together and have up to 8 speakers all playing the same music simultaneously.  The fact they are shower proof makes them perfect for the garden and outdoors and lets you enjoy your outdoor space with the music of your choice.  Buy with confidence with a 12 month warranty on the speaker.


    1. Quick and Easy to Setup
    2. Allows music to be streamed from any smartphone or tablet
    3. Can be paired up to a maximum of 8 Soundscene speakers and located in different areas of the home
    4. One touch pairing with NFC
    5. Duo drivers plus passive combine to give 20w Stereo Output
    6. Bluetooth connection
    7. AUX Connection
    8. Up to 8 hours playing time
    9. Each speaker can be controlled individually
    10. Splash proof and weather proof silicon base and casing
    11. Can be connected up to 30 metres apart for perfect coverage over larger areas
    12. 12 month warranty
  •  Item Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
    Speaker 270 125 125

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