Quality Charcoal Briquettes | Fuel for your Charcoal BBQ | 5kg Bag


Quality Charcoal Briquettes | Fuel for your Charcoal BBQ | 5kg Bag

You've got the great charcoal BBQ, now you need some quality fuel to go with it.  It is a personal preference between using Lumpwood or Charcoal Briquettes.  The Lumpwood offers a higher cooking temperature and gets to cooking temp faster, however the briquettes take longer to get to cooking temperature but then burn for longer.  These 5kg bags of charcoal briquettes provide long lasting cooking fuel for you to enjoy your BBQ.



    Easy to use with some quality firelighters just light the firelighters with a lighter or match and pour over a pile of briquettes enough for the size of party you are cooking for.  Briquettes take a while to heat up but can last for several hours once at cooking temperature.  Even easier to use when using an Outback Charcoal BBQ starter



    1. 5kg bag of top quality charcoal briquettes
  • Diameter(mm): 
    Height (mm): 
    Weight: 5kg 

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