Pack Away Collapsible Lunch Boxes - Choice of Size and Colours

Wacky Practicals


Coolest lunch boxes ever!

In our experience, lunch boxes compete fiercely for space in any bag we pack for the office, school, golf course or assorted daytrips. So, these clever containers deliver lunch intact (complete with cutlery) and, afterwards, squish down to half their original size.

For added convenience, they come in two sizes – large and small.  

Durable – built to last; guaranteed.

Washable – easy to keep clean; dishwasher safe

Practical – easy to store, frees up space in any bag

Stylish – bold colours make them easy to see

Safe – non-toxic so no need to wrap food or snacks

Stable From: -40°C to +230°C FDA Food Safe Dishwasher safe

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