Outback Roasting Rack


Outback Roasting Rack

Look beyond cooking burgers and sausages on your BBQ and think more about roasting succulent meats with the lid down and be amazed by the results.  You will achieve beautiful, evenly cooked, juicy meat joints when using this roasting rack, which is suitable for gas and charcoal BBQs and is a great tool in any bbq chef's collection.



    Simply place the meat roasting rack on your griddle and then load with your chosen meat cut.  The roasting rack lifts the meat off the grill, allows air to circulate underneath and ensures the meat is cooked evenly.  Best results are when the meat is cooked indirectly, therefore not sitting the bbq roasting rack directly over heat.  Placing a drip tray underneath the grill will catch all the juices from the meat allowing you to make a delicious gravy.  Suitable for both Gas and Charcoal BBQs.



    1. Place the Outback Roasting Rack directly on your grill
    2. Ensures even cooking and allows juices to run off the meat
    3. Will work on gas or charcoal BBQs
  • Diameter(mm):
    Height (mm):
    Weight: 2kg 

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