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Outback Charcoal BBQ Starter

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    Simply sit two firelighter blocks directly onto the cooking grate or grill of your bbq and light them.  Then fill your Outback Charcoal BBQ Starter with your lumpwood or briquettes to the top and then sit the unit over the lit firelighters and watch the charcoal take.  Leave burning for around 20-30 minutes and your Charcoal BBQ Starter should be full of hot and well lit fuel ready to use.  Pick up with a heat protective glove, such as one of these, and pour your fuel into your charcoal tray or bbq and leave to go white.  You are ready to cook, there has been no mess and the process has been a completely hassle free way of lighting your charcoal bbq.



    1. Durable, high quality and can be used again and again
    2. Ensures all coals or fuel is lit and well established
    3. Will work on any charcoal BBQ
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  • Outback Charcoal BBQ Starter

    Avoid the embarrassment in front of friends and guests trying in vain to light your charcoal for your bbq and ending up using half a bottle of lighter fluid.  This Charcoal BBQ Starter from Outback takes out all the hassle involved in getting that fuel to light and is the best way to light a charcoal bbq.



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