Ooni 3 Wood Fired Pizza Oven Starter Bundle


Ooni 3 Wood Fired Pizza Oven Starter Bundle


Everything you need to get yourself up and running and enjoying home made wood fired pizzas.  Our starter bundle includes the brilliant Ooni 3 Wood Fired Pizza Oven, a large bag of wood pellets, a box of natural fire lighters and a genuine Ooni pizza peel to load and unload those fresh doughs.  Ready to cook on in just 15 minutes, this portable pizza oven heats up to 500 degrees C enabling you to cook a delicious home made 13" pizza in 60 seconds.   




    With the Ooni 3 Wood Fire Pizza Oven Starter Bundle, you can recreate restaurant quality wood fired pizzas in your own home and cook them in just 60 seconds.  Containing all the kit required, you can feed the family or get the party started right out of the box.  Powered by a small amount of wood pellets, this easy to assemble and use stainless steel pizza oven can stand on a table top and is just as happy being used as a picnic in the park or at the beach.  Lightweight, easy to carry and made from durable stainless steel, this is the must have cooking appliance which creates a great atmosphere at home and is ideal for entertaining friends or family.  Who doesn't love pizza?  Children's parties at home will never be the same again!  And best of all, hungry mouths don't have to wait long with the pizzas coming out of the oven in 60 seconds.     


    1. Our Starter Bundle Includes:
    2. Stainless Steel Portable Table Top Pizza Oven
    3. Large Bag of Wood pellets
    4. Ooni Pizza Peel
    5. Box of Natural Fire Lighters
    6. 10mm thick cordierite stone for heat retention
  •  Item Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
    Max Size 220 360 640

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