Napoleon BBQ Digital Thermometer


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Napoleon BBQ Digital Thermometer

Any aspiring BBQ cook needs a thermometer to be able to gauge when your food is cooked.  Going off standard cooking times is not relevant when using your barbecue as every grill is different in power and heat retention.  Only by cooking to temperature will you know when your food is cooked and when is the best time to take it off the heat.  This handy Napoleon BBQ Digital Thermometer has a stainless steel probe and is wireless up to 200ft.  Therefore you can be alerted when your food is at the perfect temperature whilst you are entertaining your friends and family in the house or garden.  A thermometer is an absolute essential accessory for anyone wanting to cook great food on your barbecue, be it charcoal or gas.




    The stainless steel probe connects to a wireless base and feeds the temperature details to a digital display up to 200ft away.  With various timers and programs on the device you can cook your food to perfection.

    1. Display can be set to English, French, German and Spanish
    2. Stainless steel temperature probe
    3. Works up to 200ft
  • Package Dimensions
    Length(mm): 190
    Height (mm): 180
    Weight: 1.5kg

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