Napoleon BBQ Charcoal Baskets


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Napoleon BBQ Charcoal Baskets

Easily control the heat of your charcoal and cook your food "In-Directly" on your Charcoal Kettle Barbecue with these Napoleon BBQ Charcoal Baskets.  FIll with either lumpwood or charcoal briquettes and place in either side of your Kettle grill and open up a new world of cooking your food with the lid down.  These are a genuine Napoleon BBQ Accessory guaranteed to fit any Napoleon Kettle BBQ so buy with confidence from an Official Napoleon BBQ Dealer.




    Made from durable Aluminized Steel the Napoleon BBQ Charcoal Baskets will work with most good quality kettle charcoal barbecues and allow for in-direct cooking with the lid down. 

    1. Made from durable Aluminized Steel
    2. Works with lumpwood or charcoal briquettes
  • Package Dimensions
    Length(mm): 390
    Height (mm): 130
    Weight: 2.1kg

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