Masterbuilt Lumpwood Charcoal


Masterbuilt Lumpwood Charcoal  

Fuel up your Masterbuilt Gravity Series with the genuine Lumpwood Charcoal produced by Masterbuilt themselves.  But an end to the argument of which brand of charcoal is best for the Gravity 560, 800 or 1050, and fill your hopper with the fuel it is intended to run on.


  • The Masterbuilt Lumpwood Charcoal is the ideal fuel for your Gravity Series Grill or Smoker.  The pieces of lumpwood burn longer and yet are not too small that they drop through the grate at the bottom, making it ideal for low and slow cooks and they also create an enormous amount of heat too.  The cheaper lumpwood fuels can burn much faster, and with small pieces leave a lot of waste.  Buy with confidence of the genuine fuel for your Masterbuilt from a Premier Dealer.


    1. 7.25kg Bag of Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal
    2. Best Charcoal to be used in all of the Masterbuilt Charcoal fuelled products
  • Lead Time: 3 to 5 Days
    Delivery Type: Tracked Boxed Delivery
    Express Delivery Available: Yes

  • Width (mm): 
    Height (mm): 
    Depth (mm): 
    Weight: 7.25kg

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