Lifestyle Santorini Flame Gas Patio Heater

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A Beautiful Central Flame Gas Heater

This is a stunning outdoor gas heater, with full 360 degree visual central flame effect finished in an elegant cylindrical housing unit.  The heater is retractable making it easy to pack away and store yet looks impressive in any garden setting.



    With no assembly required, you can be sat outside enjoying the heat in minutes.  The retractable central cylinder makes storing this heater much easier.  Packing out 11Kw of heat, you'll soon feel toasty and warm near this heater which looks sensational.



    1. Main Burner offers power up to 37,533 BTU
    2. Electronic Ignition
    3. Protective screen prevents contact to the Pyrex glass cylinder
    4. Easy movement thanks to the heater being on wheels
    5. Hose & Regulator included
  • Diameter(mm): 523
    Height (mm): 1763
    Retractable Height (mm): 1260 

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