Lifestyle Rotisserie Kit

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Add an Electric Rotisserie Kit to your Lifestyle Gas BBQ

Ensure you have evenly good, succulent meats with this superb electric Rotisserie kit to compliment your Lifestyle Appliance Gas BBQ.



    Simply attach your meat to the skerwers on the rotisserie, set the temperature of your grill and turn on the battery powered unit and it will constantly rotate your meat joint at a speed of your choice to ensure all over cooking and a super succulent grilled meal.



    1. Battery Powered Rotisserie kit and accessories required to fit the following Lifestyle Appliance Gas BBQs
    2. St Lucia Deluxe LFS681
    3. St Lucia Basic Model LFS685
    4. Bahama Island BBQ LFS680
    5. Dominica 5+1 LFS683
    6. St Vincent 3+1 LFS684
    7. Grenada 4+1 LFS688
    8. Comprises of electric motor & bracket
    9. Rotisserie rod
    10. Black Bakelite handle
    11. Set of prongs
  • Length(mm): 1050

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