Lifestyle Ibiza Deluxe Charcoal BBQ

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A reliable, affordable and basic charcoal BBQ

It is often the traditional image that people associate with BBQ food, someone standing there grilling delicious food over intense heat.  That is exactly what you get with this straight forward no frills charcoal BBQ. 



    This affordable charcoal BBQ does exactly as described, provides a basic and reliable charcoal BBQ with two handy shelves and a good cooking area of 1872 Sq cm with variable height positions for the chrome grill to sit over the hot coals.  With the two wheels in makes it easy to move when you need to store it away.



    1. Large cooking area of 1872Sq cm with a single chrome grill
    2. Variable height positions for the grills
    3. Sturdy trolley design with two handy storage shelf
    4. Plastic wheels allow for easy movement
    5. Windshield
  • Length(mm): 640
    Depth (mm): 410
    Height (mm): 800-920 max
    Cooking Area Dimensions (mm): 520 by 365

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