Lifestyle Half Barrel Charcoal BBQ

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The traditional style, grill food over hot coals in a half barrel

It is often the traditional style that people associate with BBQ food, someone standing there, behind an old barrel cut in half, filled with white hot charcoal and grilling delicious food over intense heat.  That is exactly what you get with this half barrel charcoal BBQ.  Cooking food with no frills over hot coals.



    This robust half barrel provides two separate cooking areas with a combined cooking grill space of 2400 Sq cm and with the adjustable grill heights in three positions it offers great control over your food on the heat.



    1. Large cooking area with two chrome grills
    2. Three height positions for the grills
    3. Sturdy trolley design with handy storage shelf
    4. Plastic wheels allow for easy movement
    5. Windshield
  • Length(mm): 780
    Depth (mm): 670
    Height (mm): 840
    Cooking Area Dimensions (mm): 400 by 330 (x2)

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