Landmann Long Handled 3 in 1 BBQ Cleaning Brush


Landmann Long Handled 3 in 1 BBQ Cleaning Brush

This long handled 3 in 1 BBQ cleaning brush is ideal for getting in those tight spaces between grilling bars.  The brass bristles are hard wearing and on the reverse side is a cleaning sponge to help keep your gas or charcoal bbq grill and cooking surface nice and clean.  For those stubborn and hard to remove burnt on materials, there is a scraper at the end of the brush too. 



    This 3 in 1 long handled cleaning brush makes keeping that gas or charcoal bbq nice and clean after  you have had a great meal, gathering or party, and you now need to clean that grill.  With scraper, cleaning sponge and brass cleaning bristles on one long handled brush, your grill will be clean in no time



    1. Long handle keeps your hand away from the heat when brushing
    2. Durable and long lasting brass bristles
    3. Clean as you go with the attached sponge
    4. Scraper for hard to remove dirt
    5. Will work on gas or charcoal BBQs
  • Diameter(mm):
    Height (mm):
    Weight: 2kg