Kamado XL 25" Ceramic Big Green Egg Style Barbecue Ultimate Bundle


Kamado XL 25" Ceramic Big Green Egg Style Barbecue Ultimate Bundle | Choice of Colours


We've packaged together what we believe are the accessories to get the best experience from using a Kamado Charcoal Barbecue, and believe our Ultimate Bundle provides brilliant value for money.  Not only do you get one of the best XL size Kamado Charcoal Barbecues you can buy, but all the cooking area expansions and accessories you need to cook an enormous array of food right from the word go.  Our Kamado XL 25" Ceramic Big Green Egg Style Barbecue Ultimate Bundle includes our XL 25" Kamado BBQ in a choice of colours, a heat deflector, cover for your Kamado, a Divide & Conquer to increase the grilling room in your Kamado, a pizza stone for restaurant quality pizzas, a Grill expander to give another layer of grilling area, 12kg bag of restaurant quality charcoal, a bag of natural firelighters to get your Kamado started, an Outback Long Handled T Brush for keeping your grill clean, a stainless steel Rib Rack, a ceramic Chicken Roaster, a Grate Gripper tool, an Ash Raking Tool and a 3 piece BBQ tool kit. 

Our Kamado can sear, bake, roast, grill, cook low and slow, bake cakes, produce restaurant quality pizza, it can literally cook anything and is like having an outdoor Aga oven in your garden and with this ultimate bundle you have everything you need for one price.





    The Kamado is so flexible you can cook for hours on one load of charcoal at a low temperature, cook on a high heat, bake, roast or grill like a traditional charcoal barbecue can.  Our Ultimate Bundle includes what we believe are the accessories which give you the best owenership experience of one of these amazing ceramic egg barbecues and also provides superb value for money compared with the leading brands.  We are a genuine specialist barbecue retailer with Kamado Barbecues For Sale and on display in our showroom in Manchester so buy with confidence that this is a premium quality product, backed by a 6 year warranty, and will provide you with the best barbecue experience. 



    1. XL Size 25" Ceramic Egg Shaped Charcoal Barbecue
    2. Top grade 304 Stainless Steel Large Cooking Grate with hinged lid for topping up fuel
    3. Our Ultimate Bundle Includes the following:
    4. Ceramic Heat Deflector
    5. Kamado Barbecue Cover
    6. XL Size Divide & Conquer System
    7. Pizza Stone
    8. XL Size Grill Expander
    9. Rib Rack
    10. 12kg bag of Restaurant Quality Charcoal
    11. Bag of Natural Firelighters
    12. Ceramic Chicken Roaster
    13. Grate Gripper Tool
    14. Ash Raking Tool
    15. Outback Long Handled BBQ Brush
    16. 3 Piece BBQ Tool Kit
    17. **As standard Our XL Kamado includes**
    18. Temperature Gauge in Lid
    19. Cast Iron Trolley with locking wheels and castors for easy movement
    20. Easy build, ready to cook on in less than 30 minutes
    21. Available in three beautiful colours
    22. Hinged lid for easy opening
    23. Bamboo foldable large side shelves
    24. Calibrated Steel Bottom Vent with safety spark screen
    25. Cast Iron Top vent for great temperature control
    26. 6 Year Limited Warranty
    27. Weighs approx 125kg so will need two people to lift it onto trolley
  •  Item Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
    XL Size 1410 1250 880

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