Kamado Small 15.7" Ceramic Big Green Egg Style Barbecue Oven


Kamado Small 15.7" Ceramic Big Green Egg Style Barbecue Oven | Choice of Colours


Small is beautiful and that is certainly the case with our brilliant Kamado Small 15.4" Ceramic Big Green Egg Style Barbecue Oven which can sear, bake, roast, grill, cook low and slow, bake cakes, produce restaurant quality pizza, it can literally cook anything and is like having a mini portable Aga oven at your disposal.  Standing on a small set of legs, despite its near 40kg weight, you can easily lift this Kamado onto a table top and therefore give yourself a taster of what owning a big ceramic egg barbecue is like without the heavy price tag.  A Kamado Charcoal Barbecue is the most versatile and impressively flexible BBQ you can buy.  Providing a grilling area able to cook 12" pizzas or several burgers, steaks or family sized roasting joints this quirky egg shape design is finished in a choice of red, green or black, and will leave a lasting impression on your friends and family especially when they see the range of food you are able to effortlessly produce from it.  Avoid having to spend over a thousand pounds on a Ceramic Egg style barbecue when you can get one here, on a small scale which can do the same job and provides the same amount of enjoyment.





    We want you to get the most out of your brilliant Kamado Small 15.4" Ceramic Big Green Egg Style Barbecue Oven from the beginning which is why we are including a FREE pizza stone with your kamado.  Reduce the temperature and cook low and slow for hours to get tender, pulled smokey flavoured meat which is succulent and juicy.  The Kamado is so flexible you can cook for hours on one load of charcoal at a low temperature, cook on a high heat, bake, roast or grill like a traditional charcoal barbecue can.  We are a genuine specialist barbecue retailer based in the North West with Kamado Barbecues For Sale and on display in our Lancashire showroom. So buy with confidence that this is a premium quality product, backed by a 6 year warranty, and will provide you with the best barbecue experience at a huge saving on the retail price of other brands. 



    1. Small 15.4" Ceramic Egg Shaped Charcoal Barbecue
    2. Top grade 304 Stainless Steel Large Cooking Grate with hinged lid for topping up fuel
    3. FREE Pizza Stone
    4. Temperature Gauge in Lid
    5. Easy build, ready to cook on in less than 30 minutes
    6. Available in three beautiful colours
    7. Hinged lid for easy opening
    8. Calibrated Steel Bottom Vent with safety spark screen
    9. Cast Iron Top vent for great temperature control
    10. 6 Year Limited Warranty
    11. Weighs approx 40kg
  •  Item Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
    Small Size 500 500 600

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