Jim Beam Flavoured Wood Smoking Chips


Jim Beam Flavoured Wood Smoking Chips

Made from genuine oak aging barrels, put some flavour into your food when cooking with these brilliant Jim Beam wood smoking chips.  Ideal on any Gas, Charcoal or Smoker BBQ, simply take a handful of chips, soak them in water for 30 minutes and then place, ideally in an Outback bbq smoker box, and close the lid of your BBQ and infuse your food with the unique flavours of this famous Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. 



    Cook amazing flavoursome food with the unique flavour the Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey with these genuine Jim Beam smoking chips.  Your chicken and meats will never taste the same again.  Really easy to use, can be used on any gas or charcoal BBQ as well as a traditional smoker.  Get professional results quickly and easily and amaze your friends and guests.



    1. Genuine Jim Beam Official Product
    2. Made from Oak Agining Barrels
    3. Add unique flavour to your food
    4. Will work on gas or charcoal BBQs
  • Diameter(mm):
    Height (mm):
    Weight: 0.85kg 

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