Hi-Tower Giant Garden Jenga Style Game

Garden Games


Hi-Tower is a Jenga style wooden building game based on the ever popular table top wooden block set which you must have come across at some point in your lives.

This outdoor size tower starts, when fully built, at a height of 0.9m and, depending upon the skills of the players, will build beyond 1.5m.

Comprising of 58 beautifully finished pine wooden building blocks measuring 28.5cm by 7cm by 4.5cm, with each block weighing 450gs each, the whole game itself weighs an impressive 26kg.

The blocks stack with a small gap in between, unlike the original table top version, and by doing so, it allows the tower to begin sturdily, makes the blocks smoother to be removed from the tower, and ensures the fun lasts longer.

The standard pack comes in a cardboard box however we also offer the option of a zipped storage bag to store the game after use.

This is quite simply a must for any garden party, grandchildren to play with and adults alike.  No-one can resist pitting their skills against others on such a simple challenge as block building.

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