Genuine Elite Greenhouses Rainwater Collection Kits - Choice of Style

Elite Greenhouses


If you own an Elite Greenhouse and you are looking at ways of utilising the natural benefits of rain water either for the produce you are growing inside your greenhouse or your garden in general, then these superb Genuine Elite Greenhouse Rainwater kits are the ideal solution.

Available in three styles,

The Standard kit works by collecting the rainwater into a barrel or other designated outlet through pipe work and outlets for one end of each of your unique half rounded integral gutters found on your Elite Greenhouse with stoppers at the other end.

The Lean-To kit is a similar principle as the standard kit however only has one collection point and one stop end due to the nature of the lean-to only having one gutter in its framework.

Kit To One Gutter removes the need for having more than one barrel or collection vessel by using a series of pipes which connect into a T junction thus allowing both gutters to be terminated into a single outlet pipe.  The traverse pipe is placed along the rear of the greenhouse, thus out of view and unobstructive.  The kit can only be fitted at the rear of your greenhouse and when ordering you will need to indicate the width of your building so that the appropriate pipes can be included in your pack.

**A common collection vessel for the water is a Water Barrel which is not included in this kit**

**Please specify your desired width when ordering**

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