Garden Water Barrels and Stand - Ideal Accessory for a Rainwater Collection Kit - Choice of Size

Elite Greenhouses

Utilise the natural benefits of rain water with these excellent Garden Water Barrels.  Collecting rain water from your shed or greenhouse into these water barrels gives you the opportunity to re-use the water exactly where you want, be it on produce you are growing in your greenhouse, or simply watering plants without the need to get the hosepipe out.

Using natural rainwater provides plants and crops with valuable nutrients and these barrels come complete with a stand, which is you place on a raised platform such as bricks, makes access to the tap at the bottom nice and easy to fill up a bucket or watering can.

These ridged moulded plastic barrels are available in two sizes, 210 litres or the 100 litre version, which is ideal if space is at a premium thanks to its slimline design.

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