Collapsible Bucket Ideal for Camping - Choice of Colours

Wacky Practicals


Introducing the perfect bucket! Once in a while we all need a bucket. No need for cheap plastic or heavy, galvanized metal versions that are cumbersome and awkward to store.

Enter the award-winning Pack-Away bucket (as seen on Gadget Show)  

Practical - stores easily in your house, shed, car, caravan or boat

Stylish - neat design available in 6 funky colours

Washable - easy to keep clean

Safe - suitable for pets, plants or the washing up

Durable - it's made of tough stuff, built to last

Width 29cms diameter (top) 18cms diameter (base) Height 4.8cms - flat packed 22cms - extended bucket 36cms - extended bucket with handle vertical

Material Silicone bucket Stainless steel handle Weight: 860gms Capacity: 7 litres

Technical: Stable: From -40°C to +230°C FDA food safe Unaffected by UV rays Safe with all household products

Extended & compressed 5,000 times with no adverse effects

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