Broil King Imperial XLS 6 Burner Built In Gas BBQ with Cabinets

Broil King

Broil King XLS 6 Burner Built In Gas BBQ with Cabinets


The Broil King XLS 6 Burner Built In Gas BBQ comes complete with stainless steel cabinets and allows you to make a statement and have a centre piece in your built in barbecue with storage units right out of the box.  With a pull out gas bottle storage cupboard, two large pull out drawers and a further storage cupboard, there is no need for you to buy any other storage units for your outdoor kitchen or built in barbecue area as Broil King has it covered with this unit.  The gas barbecue itself is just as impressive  as, like the cabinets, it is finished in stainless steel and has everything you will ever need to cook up tasty meals for friends and family.  A massive grill area split over two separate grill hoods, 6 main powerful gas burners, 9.5mm thick professional stainless steel cooking grates, a drop in side burner and powerful rear rotisserie burner as well as built in cooking lights and lights around the dials.  If you want to add that professional touch to your outdoor kitchen then the XLS cabinet model is the built in barbecue for you.





    The Broil King Imperial XLS 6 Burner Built In Gas BBQ with Cabinets adds that professional and classy look to your built in bbq kitchen area.  An enormous grill head providing two grilling lids, one large one perfect for family cooking and entertaining and a small one which is ideal for either keeping your food warm or is the right size when you are just grilling for a few people.  The large stainless steel cabinet area comes with pull out gas bottle storage, two large drawers and a storage cupboard.  It has all the best ingredients that you would expect from a premium outdoor built in gas barbecue such as super thick stainless steel cooking grates, thick stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking plates, 6 powerful main burners, a drop in side burner and a rear rotisserie burner in the main grilling lid.  With lights around the dials for cooking at night as well as built in cooking lights under the lid, this is a statement gas barbecue built to last and with a comprehensive 10 year warranty to match and lifetime coverage on the cookbox itself.  What you are buying is a commercial standard grill designed for the home.


    1. Powerful 6 stainless steel dual tube main gas burners 
    2. Inclusive drop in side burner
    3. 9.5mm thick stainless steel cooking grates
    4. Thick 304 stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system
    5. FREE Electric Rotisserie Kit
    6. Powder Coated pull out gas bottle storage cabinet
    7. Powder Coated double pull out drawers
    8. Powder Coated storage cabinet
    9. Dual Roll Top Stainless Steel Lids
    10. Built In Thermometers in both Lids
    11. 10 Year Warranty
    12. Main burner power output of over 60,000 BTUs
    13. 1030 sq inch main cooking area
    14. 304 Stainless Steel cookbox with lifetime warranty
    15. Electric cooking lights and light up dials
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