Blues Hog 'Tennessee Red' BBQ Sauce


Blues Hog 'Tennessee Red' BBQ Sauce


Liven up your Barbecue event or gathering of friends with these great tasting sauces direct in from the USA.  This one, the Tennessee Red sauce from Blues Hog, will make you, the BBQ chef, look like a backyard BBQ champion as your food will be enhanced with this sauce which is a great as a glaze just before you serve up your food or brilliant as a dipping sauce.  With no skill required, these Blues Hog sauces, used by professional chefs around the world, will add some great flavours to your BBQ food and make your garden party or BBQ event something your guests will be talking about long after the food has gone cold!!! Direct from the USA, you will not find these on the shelf in the supermarket and will give you the chance to easily enhance and make your BBQ food taste great and for your guests to think you are a cooking genius!!!!




    This sauce, from the Blues Hog range, is the Tennessee Red BBQ sauce and is a thick gourmet sauce with a vinegar and pepper base pulled together with a natural blend of spices.  Guaranteed to make your guests come back for more, direct from the USA, the home of the BBQ, this allows you to create a flavour that none of your friends will have experienced before.  This is what makes them such a good buy as they can easily enhance any food at your BBQ event and offer a taste experience with no skill required making them one of the best BBQ accessories you can spend your money on.
  • Simply open the jar and pour out the amount of sauce needed for your dishes.  It really could not be simpler than that!
  • Form an orderly queue at the BBQ as something seriously tasty is cooking!!!!



    1. Pack contains Blues Hog 'Tennessee Red' BBQ Sauce in a 16oz US 1 pint jar
    2. Can be used on any Gas or Charcoal BBQ
  • Diameter(mm): 
    Height (mm): 
    Weight: 1kg 

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